Veracity – YouTube killer…

Veracity is a platform built on blockchain technology. Blockchaing is the technology of the future and it is foolish not to use it! And I believe that here the blockchain is simply necessary, it can provide a solution to all the existing problems. For example, visits will be stored in the blockchain and it won’t be possible to twist them or freeze them, all information will be as transparent and open as possible.

There is also a problem related to money, which is what people like most of all. After all, in the modern world we can earn on everything, money lies underfoot, it is only necessary to raise them. Thanks to the cryptocurrency you will get a transparent payment system. Money can be transferred from the advertiser directly to the user or the owner of the channel. Any user can start the channel.

We all spend hours and hours on YouTube watching one video after another, with no desire to stop binge-watching these videos but nothing to gain, except maybe a little entertainment. Of course there are many videos that are informational and educational, and those videos are very much valuable. Many people have risen to fame just by making videos and popularising them on YouTube or other video sharing platforms. But it’s not particularly easy to make a video that everyone would appreciate. Every video undergoes a lot of scrutiny by its users and can just as easily ruin a person’s status as it can raise the person to great heights. Videos have a huge role to play as a communication tool and making, sharing and viewing videos with high quality and efficiency is of the essence.

However, we as consumers have a large role to play in the success of these video makers and the platform on which they share their creations, but we never get our share of the benefits that we deserve. We are the ones who watch a video and tell about it to a friend. We are the ones who sometimes buy the things that are advertised in video and consequently increase the income of the creator of the video through commission. And most importantly, we are the ones who leave valuable feedback for the video content so that the creator or artist can improve and get more followers. Sadly, we do all of this for free, or even worse, we have to pay to watch some of these videos. Thus, there is a need for new kind of video sharing system that benefits both the video creators and the video viewers equally and expand business and marketing in this field. This is precisely what Verasity aims to do with its blockchain-based platform.

Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 1.6 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views bringing engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

In May, Verasity announced a partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy.

Even at the beginning of the project Verasity already knew about the scale plans of the system, it had to become a strong jerk in the development and prosperity of the direction. Well, she did it even more successfully than the creators planned. A huge number of people use the platform, they immediately noticed its advantages and found a good profit for themselves, because here users not only do what is in their interests, but also earn on it, enjoying themselves. You can also become a successful participant in the platform, earning money on your favorite business. Join the project and find like-minded people, becoming successful with Verasity!

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