🔴Ferrum Network – The First High-Speed Interoperability Network

The project itself has its own decentralized basis, designed specifically for the tasks and solutions of the platform, where all exchange processes between all cryptocurrencies existing around the world will take place. If we talk about the FERRUM NETWORK project in simple words, it offers us high-frequency and risk-free cryptocurrency trading, supported by the friendly environment of FERRUM blockchain, as well as the built-in AI assistant.

But despite all this dynamic growth of cryptocurrencies, people still experience a number of difficulties in their operation, as well as due to the lack of practical tools for their use. Of course, many specialists develop a large number of different subsystems that are aimed at solving current problems, but as practice shows, it is still at the stage of origin. However, slowly but surely humanity will sooner or later come to this. The project about which we will talk about today is calledFERRUM NETWORK.

As you have already understood FERRUM NETWORK will be a kind of exchange in which users will be able to quickly manage their assets by buying and selling some coins to others, no matter on what blockchain they are created. All FERRUM payment gateways are designed to provide the highest speed at the lowest possible cost. Which in turn will lead to more highly efficient decentralized exchanges throughout the cryptographic world.

To complement the exchange FERRUM will be built-in mobile wallet UniFyre with its derivative branch in the form of a cold hardware wallet SebZero, technical indicators of which are considered one of the most reliable and best hardware wallets of our time.

Also, to increase the reliability and security of all exchange processes, the developers of FERRUM NETWORK intend to use their own internal token on the created blockchain, with which all functions of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another will be carried out. The whole process is aimed only at eliminating any fraudulent activity on the part of the participants. All operations will proceed as quickly as possible, so there will be no difficulties and hitches for users.


FERRUM Network has previously announced lots of notable collaborations with:
• TLG Ventures, a venture capital company established by three crypto asset entrepreneurs, from backgrounds as diverse as business and IT, medicines, who’ve been investing in block startups for numerous years.

• Token Research Group, a group of block enthusiasts, ardent about bringing lucidity to the industry.

• KOSMOS, a leading investment Company focused on supporting block startups scale and integrate their items into enterprises.

• Rivetz, this joint venture enables hardware-level safety for the FERRUN Network Wallet and private keys.

• Gemini, By launching Gemini dollar to the Nigerian crypto money market Through Kudi Exchange, consumers will have an exceptional opportunity to access a totally regulated USD pegged stable coin, which unites the creditworthiness and cost stability of the USD with block tech and the oversight of American regulators. Kudi Exchange consumers will be capable to rapidly and simply trade with GUSD, send it as a allowance, or buy other virtual assets with it via the exchange platform.

Of course, in order to appreciate all the advantages of the FERRUM NETWORK, it is necessary to get acquainted with it personally in practice, since the whole value of such projects is only in their practical application. Generally speaking, I think this concept is very interesting and technological, because it contains all the necessary technological functions and tools needed in the daily life of millions of users of the blockchain market.

For a more advanced analysis of FERRUM NETWORK I suggest you to study their technical document presented in White paper, as well as ask all the questions to the development team:


First product teams:




ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5134952



Btt: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1226742

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