Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

Auditchain is a decentralized accounting and audit real-time reporting platform that is supported by blockchain technology and smart-contract systems. Auditchain works just like an open ecosystem or open library that can capture, process, audit and report company data and performance data continuously in real time under an independent audit that meets regulations and even exceeds these regulations.

Auditchain has a system where the public can have access to view and identify a presentation that is rendered in real-time, where this presentation has various types of data relating to accounting such as cash, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and others. But the company has the authority to show or not show these data.

This is what makes Auditchain different from other accounting and audit platforms whose features are limited and sometimes unreliable.

Auditchain understand very well that accounting and financial audits of a company are the most important things for the sustainability of the company. With clear and reliable financial reporting, a company can determine their decision for the future. But unfortunately, the accounting and auditing market is now filled with large companies that are trying to reap profits from the current process. But the Auditchain is aware of this and intends to present a company accounting and audit reporting platform that is fully supported by blockchain technology and smart-contract systems. With this innovation, it is expected that companies, especially middle and small companies, can get access to corporate accounting and audit services that are more affordable, real-time, transparent, safe and reliable.

It is a very dynamic and powerful platform that provides audit continuity in the first decentralized financial field in the world, initiating the process of securing assets and reporting in the financial sectors with an explanatory method. With the Auditchain project, you will have access to your financial reports in real-time and you will have a continuous audit of stock exchanges. The Auditchain platform will include Dcarpe in the list of assets.

With the addition of the ERC20 smart contract, the Auditchain platform will move towards the creation of a total of 250,000,000 AUDT tokens to be launched on the Ethereum network during the design phase of the platform. CPA is one of the most sensible models for E-commerce sites. The Auditchain platform will provide a highly secure and valid environment for decentralized consensus-based companies. All participants in the Auditchain platform will be able to benefit from a high level of real-time financial reporting, followed by the reliability, validity, and transparency of blockchain technology.

The Auditchain Platform allows business owners and exhibitors to:

  • Financial consultants will be able to receive services and provide security without sharing various high costs and data.
  • Debt amounts to be paid on the specified date, Auditchain platform plus payment can be collected at the time. This will enable healthy and continuous transactions on behalf of the operators.
  • Again, business owners will be able to make various accounts on their assets by providing auto control without the need for any financial advisor support.
  • The Auditchain platform, which prioritizes the benefit of the participant, will make preliminary studies on behalf of the participant who will also save time.
  • Business owners will have direct access to financial reports without any inconvenience.
  • In order to secure transactions and data, blockchain technology is integrated into the platform and data loss will be prevented.
  • TEAM

Although blockchain technology provides a range of protection, such as security and validity, we actually wanted to ensure that each one of us is self-regulating in the field of auditing or working on projects that have passed the audit process on our behalf. Following the technological developments, there were openings in the audit and most of us ignored this. Actually, it is an audit chain based on Blockchain Technology which is important in all sectors. I would like to share with you the general features of Auditchain project which is designed as an audit chain to guarantee your operations now and in the future.


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Veracity – YouTube killer…

Veracity is a platform built on blockchain technology. Blockchaing is the technology of the future and it is foolish not to use it! And I believe that here the blockchain is simply necessary, it can provide a solution to all the existing problems. For example, visits will be stored in the blockchain and it won’t be possible to twist them or freeze them, all information will be as transparent and open as possible.

There is also a problem related to money, which is what people like most of all. After all, in the modern world we can earn on everything, money lies underfoot, it is only necessary to raise them. Thanks to the cryptocurrency you will get a transparent payment system. Money can be transferred from the advertiser directly to the user or the owner of the channel. Any user can start the channel.

We all spend hours and hours on YouTube watching one video after another, with no desire to stop binge-watching these videos but nothing to gain, except maybe a little entertainment. Of course there are many videos that are informational and educational, and those videos are very much valuable. Many people have risen to fame just by making videos and popularising them on YouTube or other video sharing platforms. But it’s not particularly easy to make a video that everyone would appreciate. Every video undergoes a lot of scrutiny by its users and can just as easily ruin a person’s status as it can raise the person to great heights. Videos have a huge role to play as a communication tool and making, sharing and viewing videos with high quality and efficiency is of the essence.

However, we as consumers have a large role to play in the success of these video makers and the platform on which they share their creations, but we never get our share of the benefits that we deserve. We are the ones who watch a video and tell about it to a friend. We are the ones who sometimes buy the things that are advertised in video and consequently increase the income of the creator of the video through commission. And most importantly, we are the ones who leave valuable feedback for the video content so that the creator or artist can improve and get more followers. Sadly, we do all of this for free, or even worse, we have to pay to watch some of these videos. Thus, there is a need for new kind of video sharing system that benefits both the video creators and the video viewers equally and expand business and marketing in this field. This is precisely what Verasity aims to do with its blockchain-based platform.

Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 1.6 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views bringing engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

In May, Verasity announced a partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy.

Even at the beginning of the project Verasity already knew about the scale plans of the system, it had to become a strong jerk in the development and prosperity of the direction. Well, she did it even more successfully than the creators planned. A huge number of people use the platform, they immediately noticed its advantages and found a good profit for themselves, because here users not only do what is in their interests, but also earn on it, enjoying themselves. You can also become a successful participant in the platform, earning money on your favorite business. Join the project and find like-minded people, becoming successful with Verasity!

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BIZpaye CRYPTO has the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of exchanges through its best services, namely traders in tokens.

BIZpaye CRYPTO is superior to its adaptation platform, has a team of experts in every field needed, setting difficult ranking standards to compete with other platforms. developing its business for more than 5 years organically and structured. BIZpaye CRYPTO always offers benefits that make traders work with this platform.

BIZpaye has many benefits obtained from the use of merchant trade exchanges. they also always transact and developing a multi-currency system in BIZpaye platform, provide more facilities than a genius digital currency to exchange and also environmentally friendly for users with a fast value.

By implementing the BIZpaye CRYPTO Token and using global reach, effective on the BIZpaye network is a big advantage in the project of the Crypto BIZpaye platform. “CRYPTO” BIZpaye Tokens and technology will offer businesses at all new levels, give value to trade with a higher increase and already provide ecosystems to the market and fulfill sales of Unsold Backup Capacity.

The BIZpaye ecosystem will continue to grow to become the giant global decentralized barter market in the world, where businesses and consumers can interact to buy and sell products efficiently and safely. This unique market allows transactions to take place in B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C modes using a mixed fabric transaction unit (MFTU).

The MFTU can consist of cash and/or the Crypto BIZpaye currency and/or BIZpaye Barter Credit. all will be of value to BIZpaye and users and investors will come a lot because CRYPTO BIZpaye has the best ecosystem with blockchain technology that is constantly being updated for the convenience of Crypto users.

BIZpaye CRYPTO is also often referred to as the barter trade industry and is already international. on confirmation BIZpaye CRYPTO has operated in 12 countries, providing their best service platform with an efficient blockchain system for users and traders worldwide. The success of BIZpaye CRYPTO with their developing system will make the biggest crypto trade in the world until now. all parties involved will benefit from this BIZpaye CRYPTO Platform, adding value to CRYPTO BIZpaye makes it more attractive to Crypto users worldwide.

This exchange facilitates virtual transactions such as banks (barter) in B2B and B2C market environments using online software records. Modern Barter Exchange, in this case, makes it a large non-profit company, besides being helped with the benefits of decentralization and centralization, making this BIZpaye CRYPTO platform an environmentally friendly trade exchange in the crypto world.

The BIZpaye platform is now very promising on the system and outside. CRYPTO BIZpaye, which focuses on the system, also plans to develop open-source technology to create a system that is able to support the release of a comprehensive ecological, more efficient utilization of trade in global transactions in the units of mixed fabric.

With the development of BIZpaye now utilizing blockchain technology on ERC-20 tokens on the Etherium network. giving the best impression The CRYPTO BIZpaye is very unique to the eyes of investors and Crypto users in the world.

This is all about the BIZpaye CRYPTOPlatform project, with a blockchain system to access crypto. As seen earlier, BIZpaye is a multi-transactional B2B & B2C Marketplace Merchant with payment flexibility and also ease of exchange or trade. provide more benefits for all parties involved in it. So, are you interested in the project from the CRYPTO BIZpaye Platform? You can join as crypto from the CRYPTO BIZpaye Platform currently available. Using BIZpaye means that your crypto transfer in the future will be safe and secure.








Introduction To Ferrum Network

Ferrum is a platform formed by a company called Ferrum Network which is engaged in blockchain and trading using cryptocurrency. Along with the increasing strength of the cryptocurrency market, this has led many businesses to rely on payment systems through a network platform using digital currencies. Its use is considered to make the process easier and is not charged with the high cost of carrying out the transaction. The Ferrum Network company was built by relying on the base of the FinTech system which has now mushroomed throughout the world. The FinTech concept is similar to the cryptocurrency concept, but FinTech still relies on fiat money usage in the trading system they manage. Whereas cryptocurrency has been more advanced in terms of implementing digital currencies.

The goal to be achieved by Ferrum Network is to build a digital platform where every transaction using digital currency can take place in it. This platform will reduce gaps in the exchange of digital assets and support sending to digital multi-wallets. This will greatly support the expansion of exchanges between the wider digital currencies. Usually digital asset holders must make exchanges through specific sites or platforms that are separate from the platform on which they store their digital assets. This seems redundant and inefficient so that a system is designed which also supports exchanges with various types of digital currencies that are not native.

Currency exchange in Ferrum is facilitated by the Kudi Exchange exchange feature. Exchange through this feature is not just about supporting digital currencies but also for fiat currencies. Exchange of both can be done practically through Kudi Exchange and the process will take place quickly. Exchange values ​​are adjusted to the standard values ​​that apply when the exchange takes place. The user’s digital assets will be protected securely in the UniFyre digital domain. This wallet will be introduced first by Ferrum Network as one of its products in the third quarter of this year. The sophistication of the technology that is connected to this wallet makes it capable of sending digital assets to other types of digital wallets with previously connected networks. This will help speed up the shipping process without having to wait long.

The application of the DAG or Directed Acyclic Graph technology in this platform closes access to mining. So that users can only obtain digital assets through a purchase transaction. Ferrum does not implement a mining system to provide convenience and simplicity for users to obtain digital tokens. The exchange that takes place between different wallet domains will create a proxy token. This token can be said to have multiple types of currency so that it can be received directly by other digital wallets that are not included in the ecosystem of this platform. Not only exchange, this wallet also supports sending and receiving different types of tokens into his wallet.






🔴Ferrum Network – The First High-Speed Interoperability Network

The project itself has its own decentralized basis, designed specifically for the tasks and solutions of the platform, where all exchange processes between all cryptocurrencies existing around the world will take place. If we talk about the FERRUM NETWORK project in simple words, it offers us high-frequency and risk-free cryptocurrency trading, supported by the friendly environment of FERRUM blockchain, as well as the built-in AI assistant.

But despite all this dynamic growth of cryptocurrencies, people still experience a number of difficulties in their operation, as well as due to the lack of practical tools for their use. Of course, many specialists develop a large number of different subsystems that are aimed at solving current problems, but as practice shows, it is still at the stage of origin. However, slowly but surely humanity will sooner or later come to this. The project about which we will talk about today is calledFERRUM NETWORK.

As you have already understood FERRUM NETWORK will be a kind of exchange in which users will be able to quickly manage their assets by buying and selling some coins to others, no matter on what blockchain they are created. All FERRUM payment gateways are designed to provide the highest speed at the lowest possible cost. Which in turn will lead to more highly efficient decentralized exchanges throughout the cryptographic world.

To complement the exchange FERRUM will be built-in mobile wallet UniFyre with its derivative branch in the form of a cold hardware wallet SebZero, technical indicators of which are considered one of the most reliable and best hardware wallets of our time.

Also, to increase the reliability and security of all exchange processes, the developers of FERRUM NETWORK intend to use their own internal token on the created blockchain, with which all functions of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another will be carried out. The whole process is aimed only at eliminating any fraudulent activity on the part of the participants. All operations will proceed as quickly as possible, so there will be no difficulties and hitches for users.


FERRUM Network has previously announced lots of notable collaborations with:
• TLG Ventures, a venture capital company established by three crypto asset entrepreneurs, from backgrounds as diverse as business and IT, medicines, who’ve been investing in block startups for numerous years.

• Token Research Group, a group of block enthusiasts, ardent about bringing lucidity to the industry.

• KOSMOS, a leading investment Company focused on supporting block startups scale and integrate their items into enterprises.

• Rivetz, this joint venture enables hardware-level safety for the FERRUN Network Wallet and private keys.

• Gemini, By launching Gemini dollar to the Nigerian crypto money market Through Kudi Exchange, consumers will have an exceptional opportunity to access a totally regulated USD pegged stable coin, which unites the creditworthiness and cost stability of the USD with block tech and the oversight of American regulators. Kudi Exchange consumers will be capable to rapidly and simply trade with GUSD, send it as a allowance, or buy other virtual assets with it via the exchange platform.

Of course, in order to appreciate all the advantages of the FERRUM NETWORK, it is necessary to get acquainted with it personally in practice, since the whole value of such projects is only in their practical application. Generally speaking, I think this concept is very interesting and technological, because it contains all the necessary technological functions and tools needed in the daily life of millions of users of the blockchain market.

For a more advanced analysis of FERRUM NETWORK I suggest you to study their technical document presented in White paper, as well as ask all the questions to the development team:


First product teams:








Sparrow Exchange: Safe Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Trading.

A perfect trading will essentially be directed and coordinated by the traders because he should be the one to choose the direction or style of trading that will be of high benefit to him. So without such type of operation then trading will continue to remain ineffective. This has been the reason why so many are facing challenges with their existence on the blockchain. They are not finding it any easy and the effect is causing them so much setback. A good trading network is such that will make the trader in control and willl boost their confidence towards the activity such that they are enabled to take advantageous decisions as they operate. Thankfully, there is one of such type of project and this one is called the Sparrow Exchange.

Sparrow is the leading platform for options trading settled by smart contract. It empowers individual and institutional traders to store, buy, and sell digital asset options in a transparent, customizable, and simple manner. Sparrow was established in Singapore in 2018 Kenneth Yeo and Adrian Tan.

The founders are both professional proprietary traders with experience in trading derivatives in regulated markets. The team is committed to serving the needs of a maturing cryptocurrency market with the right tools to control risk.

If there is only a single platform that put the users in charge and allow them to control their own exchange business, it is Sparrow. Through it, the people are able to trade confidently and apply rules that are very useful for them. This platform is the best and leading option for exchange with so many uncompromising stand making trading convenient for users and causing them to have a good platform for easy monetization of their assets. For such traders, using smartcontracts is possible because they will also have an advantage with it. This platform has the perfect power of revolution and is also very simple at the same time.

Sparrow has Special options. It options gives a secure way to control risks during trading and the way it provides simplicity in the trading activities. It is the best at boosting the returns of the users and making them get the best from the platform.

This trading platform is the best to rely on. It settles the traders and make them have a transparent platform to function well. With it the users will find it easy to use all kinds of digital assets and also use smartcontracts when trading. It is based on the ethereum chain and is convenient for traders.

This project borders about the Security of users. It has designed the best system that makes protection of traders and their funds the major priority. Here the standard has been built such that the users lead and have their independence as they operate. The type of security services provided is in compliance with the blockchain.

It has full customizable features and is controlled by perfect liquidity. To trade is made effortless with the features that impacts perfect liquidity for all kinds of investors. The retail investors have this best options trading platform to hold on to so also are the other types of Investors. Tge support that they have is highly respected and to customize their Unique operation is very easy and also Interesting.

Sparrow allows traders to trade instantly and use it Special offerings as well as the token. There is an OTC option of trading to be enjoyed by the investors and that supports the feature of customization in the system. This is regarded as the Sparrow option in the ecosystem. In it noone is limited but free to enjoy all what they have to enjoy as the platform allows them to grow

There is a TradeBoost and TradePROTECT FEATURES allows anyone to use tge products of the platform. They work in steps and facilitate the creation of the options in some define pattern. This simplify the product options they have.

The traders can swap so effortlessly using the market advantage they have to get any assets of choice. The market helps to boost these operations as they enjoy the zero fees protocols. Tge market price are made to remain the same for their benefit while the simplicity and Security never changes. It has a CinvertNOW facility (CNF) for instant swapping of assets



Sparrow is the leading options trading platform, which provides traders with the simplest way to control risk and monetize digital assets. The revolutionary platform empowers both individuals and institutions to trade options that are settled by smart contract.

Why Sparrow?

BlockSafe Technologies -Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem

Based out of Edison, New Jersey, BlockSafe is a company that specializes in blockchain-based cybersecurity. They were founded in 2018, by a group with over 17 years experience as a team. Their overall goal is to bring security and safety to consumers.

With any industry experiencing growth, there will always be those that look to get rich on the backs of others. The cryptocurrency industry has seen a recurring theme throughout the past two years — Theft. In 2018 alone we have seen literally hundreds of millions of dollars stolen. This doesn’t even include unreported losses.

While we strive for interoperability, it no doubt causes a large problem. Attaining this, and the convenience that is brought with it, we continually introduce new gateways for breaches and unwanted system entries. Between mobile, cloud services, and desktop, our information if fragmented in a dangerous way.

Secure solutions are needed to keep up with this burgeoning industry. While this may be a difficult task, as the technology is expanding by the day, it needs to be done.

BlockSafe Technologies plans on fixing the issue of theft within the industry. Although theft will always occur, services such as the one being proposed by BlockSafe can minimize the amount of damage done.

To achieve their goal, the company has plans for 3 main products. Crypto Defender, Exchange Defender, Blockchain Defender.

These are only brief examples of a few of the features offered by each product. As the company develops, these product will become more expansive, and continue to adapt with the industry.

This combination of products offers a comprehensive means of safety for everyday users. It is significantly easier to be proactive, and prevent hackers from stealing funds/data, than it is to be reactive. More often than not, reactive measures prove to be fruitless. By offering platforms such as those on display by BlockSafe, users can rest easier, knowing that they are being proactive in their approach to security.

To fund development of their suite of products, BlockSafe will be hosting an upcoming STO. During this STO, they will be selling their ERC-20 token known as ‘BSAFE’. This token will be sold as a security, and offer investors a chance to buy a stake within BlockSafe themselves.

BlockSafe Roadmap:

January 2018: Seed Round.

Aug-Sep 2018: Launched CryptoDefender ver. 1.0.

September 2018: Pre-STO (initial offering).

25 March: STO.

Q1 2019

Exchange Defender ver.1.0;

Product Development of Blockchain Defender Begins.

Q2 2019

Marketing efforts for Blockchain Defenders begins.

Q3 2019

BlockchainDeefnder ver.1.0

While we strive for interoperability, it no doubt causes a large problem.  Attaining this, and the convenience that is brought with it, we continually introduce new gateways for breaches and unwanted system entries.  Between mobile, cloud services, and desktop, our information if fragmented in a dangerous way.

Secure solutions are needed to keep up with this burgeoning industry.  While this may be a difficult task, as the technology is expanding by the day, it needs to be done.

BlockSafe Technologies plans on fixing the issue of theft within the industry.  Although theft will always occur, services such as the one being proposed by BlockSafe can minimize the amount of damage done.




COLLETRIX -The New Currency that Protects Intellectual Property

Colletrix uses Blockchain technology to protect the income rights of intellectual property (IP) creators and to certify the legitimacy of collectible goods.

In general, creators of original intellectual property suffer losses when their intellectual property is transferred or sold. Users still need to control the collectibles they buy with archaic methods.

Colletrix tokenizes the creators’ IP into a digital asset, giving them the opportunity to generate revenue each time the token is negotiated. Consumers can verify the authenticity of their collection objects using symbolic information stored in the block chain.

Colletrix is backed by brilliant teams from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will offer its vast commercial experience to illustrate the benefits of blockchain technology for the sale of goods, Animoca Brands will introduce a broad network of intellectual property owners and blockchain and gamification technologies, while Future Arena will use a wide range of intellectual property entertainment and sports services, so that an ecosystem of intellectual property creation can be established, and a dynamic and commercial trade based on the use of blockchain technology can be created.

Through the Colletrix platform, its aim is to create new market value by integrating intellectual property awareness. With the implementation of the NFT we are going to conjugate the old and the new economy. In this way, we will strengthen the ability of all intellectual property owners and manufacturers around the world to obtain long-term permissions for their intellectual property; and for companies we will offer new market value to their physical products through blockchain technology, which will maximize the attractiveness and benefits of their products.

Enabling NFT will create a dynamic interest in collectors, facilitating their access to the cryptography market and opening new business opportunities such as franchising. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire massive transformation and global economic integration.


May 2019

  • Initial Exchange Offer
  • Equipment selection

June 2019

  • Launch of the platform and beta products (UNDONE watches related to NFT, IP tokenization)

Q3 2019

  • First product development of the IP x NFT market
  • More UNDONE products plus the NFT collection

Q4 2019 – Q1 2020

  • The gamma element to stimulate the NFT collection
  • Open the platform to create a pure IP (decoupling of assets) from the creation of an IP, leading to a more created and tokenized IP)

Q2 2020

  • Apply IP marketing to other products: users must spend CIPX to make NFT with their products.
  • For collectors: with the modern design of intellectual property becoming a separate powerhouse that integrates with each other in crypto-physical services, the low supply competition for other merchants will be very attractive for collectors to get the products they want. With blockchain based, it is clear that there is no game that could harm one of the parties.



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Eth: 0xA91CeEF3A5eF473484eB3EcC804A4b5744F08008

The ZEUS platform is a digital money startup

The ZEUS platform is a digital money startup based in London, which deals with the release of mobile investing and payments in the digital money world. ZEUS platform’s mission is to make it smooth for you to enter the world of digital money investment. There’re too many diff methods for those interested to get started, too much investment equipment, a large range of payments cars and safety obstacles. The ZEUS platform offers a key solution in one App.

For this vital purpose, ZEUS platform developed an application for a cell phone which works jointly with Apply and Google Pay and Samsung pay and makes it possible to send and pay digital assets and fiat safely and rapidly through this application to each one.

The individual data as-well-as the KYC procedure is stored in protected content block. The way of the KYC is stored in the block in have value. Individual passwords are stored in the consumer’s cell phone. The ZEUS platform is also registered by the FCA and works as an EMD agent. This value entities ZEUS platform to carry out activities as a digital money institute!

The ZEUS platform will offer ZUC on the ETH platform as an ERC: 20 utility money. As a ZUC owner you’ve the following benefit:

• Advantages of digital money investment fees
• Cash back on all crypto payments
• Quick access to KYC Services
• Rewards for tracking of investment assets and active management through the ZEUX APP

The ZEUS platform is laying claim to world’s first digital money mobile payment and investment application that offers a single place to access many financial services. It includes safe mobile payment for fiat and digital coin, decentralized asset transfer, access to many bank accounts, a range of traditional virtual investment items. And it claims to be a safe individual data vault with KYC concierge for problem free profile opening.

On the ZEUS platform, clients can simply manage all their economic portfolios. The ZEUS platform is a one entry investment system that joins the top of traditional investment options with a huge range of digital money investment options.

The ZEUS platform will reward the ZEUS platform coin owners with advantages such as discounted investment charges and decreased FX transfer charges. Monetary services, such as payments, FX and investment play key roles in our everyday lives as consumers, “However, most of the tools provided by conventional financial organizations have not been developed with the easiness of access, simplicity or affordability.”



SERO is a first of its kind blockchain system, with the premonition of making privacy protection a reality, since so many users are suffering from the constant issues of fraudsters mimicking their personalities which takes place on several blockchain systems. So many users have experienced lost of important data, and money, due to the vulnerability of many of these blockchain systems.

Even more importantly, the SERO team brings into consideration the privacy protection measures required by the decentralized applications. The team provides solutions for security of point-to-point network transmission and the privacy of the physical network address of the account, they also enable centralized application or when interacting with users’ client.

  1. Supply Chain System: The SERO blockchain system is capable of solving issues relating to upstream and downstream transaction, vouchers and traceability that concerns the supply chain system, they can also make simple the management of supply chain central enterprises and provide correlating solutions for the financing of upstream and downstream enterprises. Be as it is vital data and quantity of goods are facing a lot of pressure of being leaked.
  2. Medical Health : The medical and health industry mostly deals in digital privacy, since everything they do is mostly digitized and computed, it ranges from patients medical results to medical treatment records. SERO looks forward to solve privacy problems in the hospital and other medical sectors.
  3. Online Auction : In the online auction they so much believe in being fair in business, so to make bidding private is highly required, but it has become as hard as tortoise shell, almost impossible because of the difference in interests. SERO looks forward to providing a total safe, independent and a considerate bidding atmosphere.
  4. Online Casino: From the beginning there has always been a restriction on the development of online casino by centralized mechanism. It is very paramount that online casino have a privacy protection for the safety and security of competitors. SERO is sure ready to backup this kind of business.
  5. Online Gaming : Large-scale online games are always in search of token system that will circulate easily, that is easy to trade and settle, and that can be issued and circulated using the smart contract, well SERO is a multi-token system and the only technical solution that is able to circulate and issue homorphoric smart contracts.

SERO acknowledges that there are so many blockchain system, but they are the first to be interested in boosting privacy protection, not just for a specific field but every sector that has to do with the everyday activity of man, from leisure to health issues, such as online games, they are interested in helping online games come to life, and to also create a privacy medium that will secrete the information of a patient. there is no stopping the SERO network, because they will soon make life much more easier and better.


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